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So bad yet kinda good

The ultimate collection of puns and one-liners. With the help of AI, this app was developed to give users access to the cheesiest jokes and puns imaginable.
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Guaranteed to make you groan

Our app features a vast collection of dad jokes that are so bad they’re good, like a pair of crocs and khakis!


Each joke comes with its own set of punny emojis that capture the essence of the joke, like a cherry on top. Daddy likes cherries.

Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy, our app’s user interface is easy to navigate, even for dads who can barely figure out how to use their smartphone.

Save your favorite jokes for later

And share your favorite jokes with friends and family, just like how dads like to show off their terrible sense of humor at parties!

Made with A.I.

We had to rely on an AI to develop this app because, let’s face it, none of our dads are skilled programmers – unless you count their ability to program the perfect barbeque grill!

So, whether you're in the mood for a cringe-worthy one-liner or a groan-inducing pun,

The Last of Puns has got you covered like a dad hug! Download our app now and get ready to laugh and roll your eyes at the same time!

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the last of puns title