Good boy is pleased.

Dog creates self serving website for internet points and giggles

After three years in development, this is all worth it.

GOOD BOY NIKO officially launches just in time for the Month of the Holy Rosary and with it, comes this offering: download this app if you’re into sitting at a corner and contemplating about your life choices. It’s nice, pretty, and free. Go get it!

I never had a background in programming especially Android app development, but I have somehow managed to pull all of this together all these years. It’s been hell and I loved every moment of it: testing, retesting, fixing bits of code that opens up new problems to fix, time management… it was great! Lots of challenges have been overcome and I’m proud of these accomplishments. There are a couple of other app ideas I’ve been toying with too so check back in once in awhile.


Have you come for the boobs?

A good friend of mine and I have worked on a T-shirt line earlier this year and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well, we came up with a few designs to help raise awareness. If you’re either a supporter or survivor, check out

Brassmala will donate a portion of each t shirt sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


A wild ride 

A wild ride

The past couple of years has been an adventure for all of us. For better or for worse, the only thing that will help us keep trudging along is if we are occupied with challenging ourselves. Step out the door and take break from normalcy. I’m far from being outside my comfort zone myself though, but maybe with the official launch of this project, I may have just popped my head out the window just a bit.

Teach yourself to learn, and then you breathe, and then you live.

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