Animals horrified as universe fades to nothing

The farm animals were going about their usual routine, grazing in the fields and basking in the warm sunshine, when they noticed something was amiss. At first, it was just a small feeling of unease, a nagging sense that something was not quite right. But as time went on, the feeling grew stronger, until it became a full-blown sense of horror.

The animals realized that their universe was fading into nothingness. The sky was growing darker, the grass was wilting, and even the trees were disappearing. The world around them was slowly fading away, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

As the animals gathered together to try and figure out what was happening, they realized that they were not alone in their suffering. All around them, other creatures were experiencing the same sense of dread and terror, as they too realized that their universe was vanishing before their eyes.

Despite their fear, the animals refused to give up. They banded together, determined to find a way to stop the universe from disappearing. They searched high and low, exploring every corner of their world until they finally stumbled upon a solution.

Through their collective efforts, the animals discovered that they had the power to create a new universe. They worked tirelessly, using their own energy and strength to create a new world, one that was even more beautiful and wondrous than the one they had known before.

And so, the animals rose from the ashes of their old universe, stronger and more resilient than ever before. They had proven that even in the face of overwhelming darkness, hope and determination could light the way forward.

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