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Once upon a time in the vibrant city of Bacolod, Philippines, the infamous telenovela villain, Soraya Montenegro, decided to take a break from her on-screen shenanigans and explore the local culture. Little did she know, her journey would be filled with carcajadas, pink jeepneys, and endless maldita lisiada moments.

As Soraya Montenegro stepped off the plane, she couldn’t help but notice the unique pink jeepneys zipping through the busy streets of Bacolod. Intrigued, she hopped into one and was immediately greeted by the sound of carcajadas, as fellow passengers laughed and joked together.

As the jeepney made its way through the city, Soraya couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two passengers. “No sabe lo que pasa,” one of them exclaimed, discussing the latest episode of María la del Barrio. Soraya smirked, knowing that her character’s antics were causing quite a stir.

While strolling through a bustling market, Soraya spotted a woman who looked remarkably like her on-screen nemesis, the maldita lisiada. “¿Qué haces besando a la lisiada?” she shouted dramatically, causing the woman to jump in surprise.

“Así que era de este de quién estabas enamorada, ¡maldita lisiada!” Soraya continued, completely immersed in her character. The woman, understandably confused, replied, “¡De mi Nandito!”

Soraya couldn’t believe her ears. “Te dije que no se te ocurriera poner los ojos en él. ¡Y los pusiste!” she yelled, drawing the attention of nearby shoppers.

“¡Escuincla babosa! ¡Te atreviste!” Soraya exclaimed, her voice rising with each word. “¡Pero te va a pesar, te va a pesar! Te voy a dar una paliza que no vas a olvidar en tu vida, ¡inválida del demonio!”

Just as Soraya was about to launch into another dramatic monologue, a kind stranger stepped in. “¡Déjala!” he shouted, pulling Soraya away from the bewildered woman. He gently reminded Soraya that this was not a telenovela set, but the beautiful city of Bacolod.

As Soraya regained her composure, she realized the stranger was right. She had let her character take over, turning her vacation into a living meme. With a sheepish smile, she apologized and continued her exploration of Bacolod, determined to leave her telenovela antics behind.

In the end, Soraya Montenegro learned a valuable lesson during her time in Bacolod, Philippines: sometimes, it’s best to leave the drama on-screen and embrace the beauty and laughter of the real world.

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