Girl: “No one will notice my crusty highlights”

So there I was, thinkin’ I could waltz right into the salon for a snip-snip and get away with my lockdown DIY hair dye masterpiece. Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong – it was a total hairtastrophe!

As soon as I walked in, the stylist gave me a look of horror and pity. She asked me what I had done to my hair and how long it had been like that. I tried to act casual and said it was just a temporary thing. She shook her head and said she had to fix it before she could even touch my ends.

She led me to a chair and started applying some products to my hair. She said she was going to remove the brassiness and restore some shine. She also said she was going to charge me extra for the damage control. I felt like crying.

After what seemed like an eternity, she rinsed my hair and blow-dried it. She then showed me the mirror and asked me how I liked it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My hair looked amazing! It was soft, glossy and had natural-looking highlights. She had saved my hair!

I thanked her profusely and paid her the hefty bill. She gave me some tips on how to maintain my hair color and avoid crusty highlights in the future. She also told me to never use box dye again.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Next time, I’ll leave the hair coloring to the professionals.

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