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How Bing AI Changed My Mind About Microsoft Edge

I’ve been a loyal Chrome user for years, but recently I decided to give Microsoft Edge another chance. Why? Because of Bing AI, the new feature that Microsoft added to its browser and search engine. Bing AI is powered by the same technology that OpenAI used to create ChatGPT, a conversational AI system that can generate realistic and engaging text. Bing AI can do more than just chat, though. It can also help me find answers, get ideas, and create content on the web.

Here are some of the reasons why I’m putting Microsoft Edge back on my taskbar because of Bing AI:

      • Better search. Bing AI gives me more relevant results for simple queries like sports scores, stock prices, and weather. It also shows me a sidebar that contains more comprehensive answers if I want them. For example, if I search for “how to make pizza dough”, I can see a summary of the steps, ingredients, and tips from different sources, along with links to recipes and videos.

      • Complete answers. Bing AI can also handle more complex queries that require synthesis and summarization of information from across the web. For example, if I search for “best laptops for gaming”, I can see a comparison table of different models, their specs, prices, and reviews, along with a chat button that lets me ask for more details or clarification.

      • A new chat experience. Speaking of chat, Bing AI offers an interactive chat feature that lets me refine my search until I get the complete answer I’m looking for. I can ask Bing AI for more information, suggestions, or opinions on any topic, and it will respond in a natural and engaging way. For example, if I search for “music festival ideas”, I can chat with Bing AI about different genres, locations, dates, and prices of various festivals around the world.

      • A creative spark. Sometimes I need more than an answer – I need inspiration. Bing AI can help me with that too. It can generate content for me based on my input and preferences. It can help me write an email, create a travel itinerary, prepare for a job interview, or make a quiz. It can also cite its sources, so I can see where it got its information from.

    Bing AI is not just a search engine – it’s a copilot for the web. It helps me get more out of the internet by providing better search, more complete answers, a new chat experience, and a creative spark. That’s why I’m putting Microsoft Edge back on my taskbar because of Bing AI. If you want to try it out yourself, you can download the Edge Dev version from here. Trust me, you won’t regret it.